Hlen Atanacio

Helen Atanacio A truly well-seasoned entrepreneur and a veteran of the hospitality industry.

Who is Helen Atanacio?

Helen Atanacio, is a truly well-seasoned entrepreneur and a veteran of the hospitality industry.

Helen Atanacio honed her skills by holding just about every position made available. It is this formidable collection of experience and knowledge which she brings to bear on behalf of her clients, ventures and in the varied services she offers.

Helen Atanacio is originally from the rolling countryside of Yorkshire England. 

Helen Atanacio fell in love with her Filipino husband, who she met while they were both working on a cruise ship, and subsequently relocated to the Philippine Islands in the late 90’s. Helen, and her family, decided to take the leap, and they launched their passion; a little boutique hotel in Boracay Island.  The duo, often landscaped, made the beds, did room service and facilitated the bookings themselves.  And, quickly, the news of their ‘superior service’ began to spread throughout the island, and often, they boasted higher booking percentages than the major hotels in the area.

Later, frustrated with how-to gain more exposure and drive bookings to the (then not so popular) island, Helen began working on a website.

Helen Atanacio, seeing the massive need in the local Boracay market for hotel system management, websites and online bookings, she launched, World Hotel Links; now Hotel Links.

Helen Atanacios’ Hotel Links was the first online travel agency in the Philippines. 

Hotel Links was and continues to be, a leading and affordable hotel distribution, marketing and management tools platform for independent hoteliers and tour operators.