Helen Atanacio:  Founder

Your Hospitality Hub or YHH is exactly what it states in its name:  a wonderful place for hospitality professionals to go, to get needed resources to maintain and level-up their careers.  

Helen Atanacio began YHH with an idea: 

How-to directly help the Philippines in their efforts to compete globally with their service standards –especially here in the Eastern region of the world.  Nearby Singapore, Australia and Thailand seem to beat the Philippines in rank every year.  Nonetheless, tourist love the Philippines’ culture and tourism is booming.  In addition, there is a massive rise in wealth in the Philippines, which has sparked a rise in middle-class income, which in turn, has millions of people eating out, socializing and celebrating at venues every day.

Helen Atanacio saw this trend and wanted to be a part of it. 

“The service and hospitality industries at-large in the Philippines, are known around the globe; to be lacking.  Filipino Hospitality however, is hands-down, among the kindest in the world.  Lack of exposure, training, ranking and opportunities for advancement have hurt the service and hospitality standards in businesses.  We intend to change all of that.” –Helen Atanacio